Parallel to his songwriting and visual art career, M.E. Baird has lectured and held part-time teaching positions in art, design and creative theories at various universities and art schools in New South Wales and Victoria.  


M.E. Baird via his workshops and presentations primarily aims to share and engage participants in techniques, processes, and theories that assist them to think at a deeper more creative level regardless of the art form or medium.


The Art of Song  (Workshop on the story/narrative elements in a song)

M.E. Baird explains and demonstrates how he and other songwriters seek and identify, then incorporate the potential components of a good story or idea into a song, collection of songs or musical composition. M.E. Baird also reveals specific processes that he undertakes in his own songwriting,  including the symbiotic relationship between his visual art practice and music-making - Approx: 2hr delivery.

The Art of Listening (Workshop involving mark-making while listening to specific musical compositions and or audio text)

Drawing and mark-making are not only the very first forms of ‘recording’ for humanity but are at the foundation of any art or creative practice regardless of the medium or discipline. The most consistent forms of drawing practice that has endured through western art education are figure, still life and landscape drawing. Many of our most iconic visual artists were and are devotees to the art of ‘drafting’ or in other words, learning, investigating, planning, and refining via the use of drawing.  However, these practices and processes rely purely on the eye (observation) brain and hand connection. There are other ways of utilising drawing and the capacity to think at a deeper level, simply by including our ears and the process of listening. I must point out that this is very different from putting on your favourite piece of music and working while it plays in the background.  The method I employ sees drawing and mark-making in response to music, sound, and audio delivered text. These methods have been scientifically proven to allow different parts of the brain to be ‘switched on' and stimulated. It can take the intuitive thinking process to new and deeper levels. It is a method that I myself utilise regularly in my own creative practice. I not only employ it for inspiration and ideas but is also especially helpful for creative blockage.


Part A.

Drawing and mark-making in response to music.  Approx: 2-3hr delivery.


 Part B.

Drawing and mark-making in response to text delivered by audio.  Approx: 2-3hr delivery.