Limited edition CD


"Deeply evocative, M.E. Baird is driven by emotion. Whether in the carefully crafted lyrics or the music itself, emotion drips from everywhere, it trickles down walls and pools on the floor.  It aches and hurts...and it’s beautiful."   ★★★★ Samuel J Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia, 2016


"The slowly developing, intimately held tracks, which are neither folk, nor country, but maybe a Leonard Cohen interpretation of both are meant for the small, dark, alone spaces of your life."  ★★★ Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald, 2016


"Baird speaks of lost loves and scarred hearts, and while he paints life in a harsh light, he still finds something to hold onto, be it a memory or a dream not yet faded. This is folk; sad, bitter and beautiful.” ★★★★ Chris Martin, The Brag Magazine, Sydney, 2016


(1) Always Tuesday
(2) Angel By The Lake
(3) The Rainmaker
(4) The Lost Son
(5) Full of The Devil
(6) She Had To Go 
(7) The Professional
(8) Sertraline Dream

[Fall] CD 8 track album 2016

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