In June of 2019, M.E. Baird released his 4th full length offering entitled ’TIME’, then embarked on a national tour with full band however, the tour was cancelled when

M.E. Baird was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  He immediately started on treatment in September to slow the growth of the cancer followed by surgery to remove his prostate in March 2020 – just as the world was descending into to what would become the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, M.E. Baird over the years has faced more than his fair share of adversities  each one cultivating more resiliance and is not one to be easily defeated . While recovering he has already begun writing and recording new demos,  creating music videos for selected tracks from TIME as well as some virtual and intimate live performances.   He has also  found more and new time for making art and drawing.   2020 may well become his most productive year yet.

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