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"There is a haunting quality to M.E. Baird’s music, a type of gothic folk/blues noir that permeates the songs.  Baird knows how to successfully balance the beauty and the despair on Time and as a result, this is an album that should fit nicely in the record collections of fans of songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Will Oldman."

★★★★  - The Music (Australia)

"The slowly developing, intimately held tracks, which are neither folk, nor country, but maybe a Cohen/Dylan inspired interpretation of both, are meant for the small, dark, alone spaces of your life. Being also a visual artist,  there is no surprise that his songs are often described as possessing a distinct visual richness and depth where each song can be like cinematic vignettes."

★★★★ - Sydney Morning Herald

"Deeply emotive, M.E. Baird is driven by emotion. Whether in the carefully crafted lyrics, the music itself, or his lamenting singular voice, emotion drips from everywhere, it trickles down walls and pools on the floor. It aches and hurts...and it’s beautiful."

★★★★ - Rhythms Magazine

"Baird speaks of lost loves and scarred hearts, and while he paints life in a harsh light, he still finds something to hold onto, be it a memory or dream not yet faded. This dark folk at its finest, sad, bitter, and beautiful."

★★★★The Brag Magazine, Sydney

"His songs are visually rich possessing a novelistic quality that is dark and warm. The music of M.E. Baird cajoles and challenges.

Images flow and tunes beguile. A treat."

★★★★ - The Music Collective

"M.E. Baird's live performances are nothing short of compelling with his deep lamenting vocal style and singular stage presence."

 Holden Hill Music



M.E. Baird is a critically acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter.  Originally from Melbourne, he has lived in many places since, each a new chapter in life and art and for the last decade, has been based in the Bundjalung Nation of New South Wales.  


 Beginning his musical career in Melbourne in the 90s, M.E. Baird has written and recorded five critically acclaimed solo albums and band recordings under various monikers (Lionel Lee's Curse, Bullet, Nylon, Zen For Head)  including soundtrack compositions.  He has also had the great fortune to share the stage with some of his favourite raconteurs, including Roland S Howard, Spencer P Jones, Ed Keupper and Conway Savage.  M.E. Baird has strived to maintain a music and visual art career for more than two decades but there is no denying that it has not been easy.   His musical journey has been one of immense fulfilment marred by peersonal struggles with inner demons and most recently a three-year-long battle with advanced and aggressive prostate cancer that coincided with COVID.   However, M.E.Baird's resilience and his quest for a life dedicated to creativity have never wavered, and in fact, have strengthened through adversity.  Quite simply, writing songs, and making art has been central to his survival.